#DATA15 “Resolutions”

Still recovering from an exciting week at the Tableau conference. Feeling very motivated on several fronts and feel like I should make some “DATA Resolutions”
Invigorated by Tableau Public, I must publish!
Excited by Vizable, I must see what I can do with it!
Inspired by Tableau Service Corp, I must sign up!

-#DATA16, I must attend! I will be there for my 7th TC.


P.S. Already having fun with Vizable!



Public Viz idea

So I’ve been working on an idea, something relevant to my work life and useful. After attending this years Tableau conference I’m completely starting over, I’m no longer satisfied with my original approach. It’s got to be instantly captivating to draw people in and then be functionally useful! I want people to be interested and to feel that they’ve learned something. #pimpingMYviz